TellerCounts Single User

TellerCounts.Graphic2 Universal PC Interface for Cash Counters

Use the PRINT function of your bill Discriminator or value counter to instantly send counts from the machine into the cash-in fields of your teller application.

Easy on-site setup for any financial application ases a simple setup utility to configure the system for your banking or retail software application. The bill counter plugs into a USB Port on the PC. No COM Ports are required.

A Small Program is installed on the PC and no changes to the financial app are necessary. Easily deployed enterprise-wide.

The Old Way

  • Count the bills on the currency counter.
  • Write down the totals… one denomination at a time.
  • Your customer checks his watch…
  • Open the currency entry screen on your PC.
  • Enter an amount for each denomination… one at a time.
  • Your customer checks his watch again…
  • Look over your entries and correct any errors.
  • FINALLY return your attention back to your customer.

Teller2The TellerCounts Way

  • Open the currency entry screen on your PC.
  • Count the bills on the currency counter.
  • Press PRINT. The counts are at the PC!
  • Continue your conversation with your customer!

TellerCounts Overlay Mode

TellerCounts can also be used in “Overlay Mode”.

In Overlay Mode, when the PRINT button on the currency counter is pressed, a secondary window pops up on the PC. Instead of the totals immediately entering into the teller app, the Overlay Window allows multiple passes from the currency counter to add together into a single set of denomination totals. Mutilated pieces that the counter won’t accept can also be entered easily. When the operator has counted everything, the TellerCounts Accept button enters the entire set of counts into the teller app.


Multi-User TellerCounts versions are available to share a bill counter online for multiple tellers.

TellerCounts Demonstration


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AccuBANKER AB5500 CashMate Glory USF
Amrotech X-1 Cummins JetScan Kissan Newton
Amrotech X-1000 Glory GFR S-80 Masterwork NC-100
Amrotech D-100 Glory GFR S-80 Magner 75
Banker BK-10 scale Glory UW-20 N-Gene
Billicon D-551 Glory UW-500/600 Plus P-624
Seetech iHunter Seetech iSniper Seetech ST-150
Shinwoo SB-1000 Shinwoo SB-1100 Glory (Talaris) 8650
Toshiba IBS-200 LIDIX LBX50 Semacon S-2200

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Cummins JetSort DeLaRue Mach Series Glory CCS-65
Magner 305 Pelican Scan Coin 22 Semacon S-530

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