DynaClass – DynaCash Training Program

Interactive CC-5000 DynaCash™ Tutorial

Available for Authorized DynaCash Dealers Only

DynaClass is an interactive training program for new and existing DynaCash technicians

DynaClass uses click-able navigation with a variety of learning formats including:

  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Word Documents

successful DynaCash installation


All relevant info needed for a successful DynaCash installation is available within DynaClass

Video tutorials provide the core information for a DynaCash install

Word documents and PowerPoint presentations supplement and reinforce DynaCash and CC-5000 knowledge

Lessons Function allows users to choose a particular facet of DynaCash or the CC-5000 to focus on

DynaClass users can use the Quiz Function to test their knowledge of the product


DynaClass users can view the training courses at their convenience and at their own pace

Helpful for existing technicians looking for a refresher on DynaCash or new technicians looking to review and retain learned information

Also helpful for existing dealers training new technicians on DynaCash


DynaClass is a cost-effective addition to WebEx or On-Site DynaCash training

Each DynaClass comes with a 2-year license for free content upgrades

DynaClass Brochure

Download DynaClass Brochure

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